The God’s Honest “Truth”…



HONESTY: Is on the top of the desired qualities list, that men and women “seek”. They want someone “honest”, “compassionate”, “trustworthy”…… blah blah blah.

BULLSHIT. <—– That was me calling it.

Men do NOT want a woman capable of unadulterated honesty. It is too intimidating. Being “honest” means that it is not possible to give a single fuck less what anyone thinks. You speak your mind, you answer a question as you believe it should be answered, you behave the way that you would whether or whether not someone is looking. You are fully in your natural habitat no matter where you go, or who you are with. You say what you think and believe. Nothing is held back. It gets uncomfortable at times, for others who are not yet emotionally available to be that comfortable with themselves. You serve shock for dessert, because someone cannot believe you just said “THAT!”.


Now here is the problem with this:

From a distance, people are intrigued. They stand in awe of your confidence. You are someone they must know. They long to be enraptured by you, so they take a few steps in your direction and proceed with caution. They sweat bullets, because anything at anytime may come out of your mouth (NOTE: There is a difference between honesty and contempt. Being downright rude and disrespectful is a NO NO.) People in general have a need to be accepted. They desire and long for your acceptance…..



Please take a moment to look at the above picture. What that picture is saying is: When someone is a liar, they are adored. When someone is honest, the allure of it all dissipates and turns to vapor. 

Men do NOT want a woman who is honest. They want someone who is “kinda” honest. They want deceit, although they will not tell you that. They NEED that mystery. They NEED to feel like they are in the process of that big hunt….for as long as it takes. And she will eventually turn to radical honesty. She will drop that guard, filet herself wide open for his viewing pleasure, for him to do with it as he will. Only the truth will eventually pass over her lips. No more deceit, no more lies. It will be just her in her entirety, offering herself up to him for judgement. And……


There it is folks. A majority of the time, he will find her unsuitable. She stopped the hunt. He captured her. He rejects her. WHY? Because once one of these assholes has captured her….he has absolutely NO idea what to do with her. Game over.


When she becomes 100% honest, he thinks she is 100% crazy. He will go and tell his friends about his “Crazy” girlfriend, or wife.She isn’t afraid to ask the right questions. She is no longer afraid of confrontation. She wants to live in a world where they are honest with each other.

Unfortunately, for her, he forgot to tell her that he needs a part-time liar. The 100% truth is not acceptable.

Men do not want honesty when they are cultivating their relationships. They need that fantasy and mystique. They need to be lied to. This is the hard part for women like myself. I am incapable of telling others what they need to hear. You ask a question. I answer the question. You act like a weirdo. I ask why you are acting like a weirdo. *SIGH* The world is not yet ready for Radical Honesty.



Emotional Investment Banking (FDIC)

Women are pussies….but men are the bigger pussies. This is science.

YES! Women cry because of stupid reasons. A man has to be a professional interrogator and psychologist just to extract information that may prove vital. YES! It is a fact that we don’t like spiders and will become agile Olympic qualifiers in hurdles if one happens to have their sights trained on us. YOU must save us. We sometimes need to hear that we are still beautiful to you. We can be needy and selfish at times. Yes….we make ZERO effort to hide these things.

Now fellows and gents….

You can be notorious gaping axe wounds (aka HUGE pussies) O.o

Well if men are not pussies, then Neil Strauss would not be rich (he is the author of “The Game”).

So many men are afraid of commitment and emotionally investing in a partner, that they fail to move beyond infantile behavior within the matrix of a “relationship”. They try to be emotional badasses. They keep their partner at arms length. They bob and weave….bob and weave. Because Heaven forbid they should actually feel something resembling anything other than self-servitude and a sense of entitlement. *Facepalm*

She is honest with him to the point of uncomfortable vulnerability. He responds with a shallowness about him that leaves her with a shovel in her hand, trying to break through that concrete jungle that is laid over his emotions. WHY? Why should she do so much work in order to gain his approval? He will just sit there and watch her toil and sweat while he effortlessly decides if he will toss her a bone. He will take and take and take until she has nothing left to give, until one day she is tired. When she leaves, he will blame her for not trying hard enough. He will accuse her of giving up too easily. Unfortunately…in the back of his mind, he is wanting her to stay because she gives great head and buys him the things he sometimes can’t afford. In an effort to save himself and keep his indentured one….he throws empty promises in her direction. She has made herself vulnerable and he knows exactly where to put those promises to make them hurt.

God forbid that a man allows himself to open up and become vulnerable. Heaven forbid that he allows his eyes to focus beyond the head of his penis. Heaven forbid.

Yes. Men are the pussies (not all mind you). While a woman is willing to emotionally invest every last item in her an effort to build and grow, he is hiding like a pussy. He has no intention of letting her get close, but will have no problem in watching her sweat it out, until he no longer has a use for her, or, she gets sick of his shit. Whichever comes first.

Dating 101: It’s all bullshit in the beginning.

Relationships these days, can be defined as: Purity decayed. It’s mostly all bullshit. There is a HUGE deficit of honor and hardly ever is anything sacred any more. 

Let’s look at “Honor” as defined by  *Honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions: a man of honor. 

With that being defined; I pose a question. Why do a majority of relationships begin with lies?

I am fresh to the dating arena after a long absence. I work in an area that involves alcohol and gambling, and I can bear witness that people are recycled more than aluminum cans. I can’t help but survey the surroundings and be an unintentional eavesdropper. The men lie. The women lie. They both lie to each other. They drink, get drunk, have a good time….and I will never see them together again. Next week, He will be with a different woman telling different lies, while she is with a different man, telling different lies. And the vicious cycle continues.  What. Is. The. Point?

ImageThat is the point ^^^^^. There is no honor among thieves.

Sex. Great. I get it. But why not just say that? Instead of lying about your yearnings for a family and that bullshit white picket fence, and taking family photos in matching sweater vests and scarves…..

What is so wrong with saying “Look. I am just here for a good time. I have no intention on getting serious with you. I am looking at you and imagining you naked right now. I wish to have unadulterated sex with you in a manner that I would never have with someone that I respect.” But that is just me. That is what I would say. I fear not rejection and I would hate myself in the morning if I woke up next to someone whom I had just promised the world to, the night before. 

But in true decaying fashion: The lies spring forth because neither party is secure enough in themselves to be honest. They waste time, space, oxygen, and energy trying to maneuver in a manner that makes them appear with authentic integrity. What are they hoping to accomplish? It isn’t just sex. Maybe justification? Possibly vindication? Or maybe they have a desire to feel significant to someone other than family. Who knows.  

Now do I want to be in a serious relationship? Of course. We all do. We are not designed to be alone. But…I can only do that with someone who I take seriously….and who takes me seriously back. Until then….I am just here for the free dinner.